Tuesday, 7 February 2012

2 in 1 day!

Well I did start the new year saying that I was going to blog more but 2 posts in 1 day!?! Had an enjoyable 'craftanoon' making some jubilee themed cards. My topper pack from MCS arrived this morning along with some gorgeous ribons so I had to get stuck in! The background was distressed using Tim Holtz distress inks and stamped on with a stamp set from Stampin Up! I added a few green gems here and there and some wooden embellishments. I like this colour scheme as an alternative to red, white and blue. I think I must have been in a patriotic mood after watching the documentary about the Queen last night. Did you see it? I loved the 'little' house she used to play in!


What a beautiful crisp winter morning. Just been out to let the ducks and hens out of their houses. The hens don;t seem to mind the snow but the ducks are not keen and keep looking at me waiting for the hose pipe to come out not understanding that the water won't come out of the frozen pipe. Everything was really quiet while I was out in the garden apart from my pink snowboots crunching through the snow apart from the birds singing and a car crunching it's way slowly down the road. Even though we live in an area with loads of houses it still feels like the countryside when I'm out feeding the animals. Left over pasta and salad for the hens and bread for the ducks. we are hoping to get some more hens at the weekend if the roads are ok to the rescue farm. There is something satisfying about collecting eggs from the garden and I think I will pop in a rasberry and white chocolate cake in the over before I get on with the next jobs of event organising and an idea for a new event. At the coffee morning on Saturday everyone went crazy for my rasberry cake which has given me ideas of where to go next ...... But must not spend all day researching on the laptop as I want to get making!