Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I'm still here!

I have neglected my blog a little over the last few weeks - I've been so busy at work and tired! Hate those clocks changing! I've been doing some crafting - mainly Christmas cards and playing with the fab Jolly Nation TSV I bought from QVC a few weeks ago. I have also had the mamouth task of sorting out all my craft things in the spare room into plastic boxes. I'm not sure how long things will stay organised but I'll post some piccies when I've finished my labels! xx


Heather Robinson

Hello my dear friend! Sounds like you have been extremely busy. I know what you mean about the time changing. It sets me back too! Happy'll be so glad when it is finished, I'm sure! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. Sure hope we can swap again soon. Miss you...take good care of yourself.

Chriss Rollins

lovely to hear from you and going back to workcan be hard after having your well earned leave.
You lets face it ATC's are on the blog and very arty they are too.
I can email you the pics if you need them to put on your blog.
Take care you have been missed.
chriss x


Hi Sharon!
Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment, hope you get sorted soon. Sorry I haven't been in touch lately, I just got a new job, and it involves getting up very early, so I'm just getting aclimatised to that!
Hugs, Alison xx

missy k


Wondered what you had been up to!

I have emailed you about the swaps - looking forward to it....

Hope you get to have a bit of a break at half term..... I've been making some Christmas Cards too..... although its sunny - it's really cold so I am getting in the mood...

Take it easy!



Oh I feel for you Sharon - autumn is such a busy term in teaching. Hope you got a rest at half term.
Thanks for your lovely comment.
Love Linda