Saturday, 9 January 2010

perfect craft weather!

The snow looks so beautiful - this was yesterady and we've had loads more since!
However it does cause problems - the front of my car is smashed and I think I have a hen with a broken leg! You can see their house on the left of the photo. But it's great crafty weather!
When I'm stamping I like to keep a sheet of card on my table which gets covered in ink, glitter, glue etc! I have recycled this by cutting into ATC size and inking over with my ink pads to create backgrounds. I added some stickers and rub ons and was really pleased with the results.
Remember if you see something you like - get in touch! (Joanne I'll save one for your next package!)


missy k

It looks like you've had masses more snow than us - although we have more forecast.

Were you in your car when it got smashed? Hope not.

Does Marco love the snow?

How are you getting on with your Zetti atc's?

Keep warm!

Love Karen

ps... nearly forgot.... great atc's ... I love how you made your backgrounds... good thinking!


Yes I was driving Karen! Only thing I hurt was my pride though!

Snow is beginning to thaw now but roads are still bad. I'm getting my dad to drive me to work in his 4X4 tomorrow.

Marco keeps asking if it is Christmas!

I have finsihed my Zetti ATC's and posted them today - very organised for me! I forgot to scan them thought!


Oh poor chuck. Hope it will be ok. I would be pleased to receive any of those 3 ATCs. Take care and keep warm. xx