Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas over!

Well that's another one over - where does the time go?! I realise that I haven't blogged any Xmas cards but that will have to wait until next year now!
My new years resolution (well one of them!) is to post more pics of cards, not just ATC's. This is mainly because on the back of the cards I sell I put a sticker with my email and blog address on. So people who buy my cards may have a look at my blog to see what else I've been up to.
Another resolution is to attend more craft fairs this year. I have bought so much craft stuff recently (I blame Leonie and the C&C sale!) that I just need to use up what I have before I buy anything else and sell some of the mountain of cards I've made. Yes I know this probably won't last as I NEED all the new products!
Here are 2 quick cards I made using some black glitter cards I bought in the sale. When Nigel showed them on air he said you either love them or hate them. I love them and teamed them with some oriental toppers from the other channel (controversial!). I thought they might be a bit gauddy but I think they have worked. I do like my bright colours!
Happy New Year everyone!


Chriss Rollins

Hi Sharon you did a hellish job with those cards.

know what you mean about the stash you already and of course you WONT be able to use it b4 buying more new stuff.

happy new year to you n yours.

pop over to see the log candy on offer.
If you dont buy any you may win

chriss x

missy k

Hi Sharon and Happy New Year!

Hope you had a great Christmas.

Great cards.... I like your controversial pairing!!!!

Good luck with the Zettiology!!!